Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Puppy Kick

So I bet yall are wondering what happened to the post about the puppy purse? Weeell I had started a post and came across a glitch in my process. Here is how THAT day went...

Hear lately I have been on a puppy kick. It all started when a facebook friend posted her finished work and was kind enough to share the link to where she got the pattern. I just had to go check it out! Well let me just say this Etsy page is just full of wonderfully cute items. Okay, okay I just know you are waiting on pins and needles to know who and where....(hehe) It's Fiber Doodles!!

Wait a minute, wait a minute...HOLY CRAPPOLA! I just pulled up the her Etsy page to get the link for ya and and it is closed permanently!! Oh man, I didn't even get all the patterns I wanted! What a total drag...

Well that just changed my post, now didn't it.. I just tried her blogger page and it too is gone. I looked her up on Ravelry and again all pics are gone and no links to the patterns...She's just gone and all her stuff too.

I am very sad.

Soo not how this post was supposed to go.

As you can see, I was stumped as to how to proceed. I don't like not having a link to share with my work. I asked for help from my amazing "Blazing Hooks" friends but apparently they were stumped too or my post got lost in the sea of continuous posts. I sent a email hoping to get a response to where she moved her stuff or you know What happened?? After waiting 4 days and still nothing, I give up. It really is a shame to have all those lovely patterns disappear but I guess she had her reasons.

Here is the puppy that started it all. I purchased this pattern from her Etsy page and even sent her a pic of it and she sent me back a response expressing her love for the colors I chose. Soo yeah after just having a convo with her and poof she's gone was quite a shocker.

This puppy came from her blog page as a free pattern, I couldn't resist trying it out! Just too darn cute!! I loved how it came out soo much that I made another one.

This puppy purse is actually a combo of the two patterns. As you can see I used the head off of the first puppy and modified the feet of the second pattern to make them smaller. The purse is just something I did out of my head.

Purse pattern:
(just the purse, not the puppy embellishments)

ch 37
row 1... sc 36 sts across, ch 1 and turn.
repeat row 1 for a total of 60 rows, finish off
fold in half (30 rows per side) sew or sc the sides together. (I sc it together so when I put on the strap I didn't have to sew it through the side of the purse just through/around the sc seam)

Attach yarn 3 sts in from end
row 1... sc 30 sts, ch 1 and turn
repeat row 1, 5 times
row 7-19... decrease, sc across, decrease
row 20... decrease twice
row 21... decrease, finish off

ch 4
row 1... sc 3 sts across, ch 1 and turn
repeat row 1 for a total of 100 rows
sew straps in place. (I used 5 rows of length to sew through/around the sc seam)

If you have any problems or questions don't hesitate to ask!


  1. Love it and going to try it out....thanks for posting pattern Sue