Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi, My name is Heather and I am an avid crocheter and I am busy with it everyday. I have been learning all kinds of new things lately and am constantly trying out new patterns. I have been a crocheter for most of my life but only in the past few months have I stepped out of the box..literally!!

I decided I needed to create a blog just for Crochet, I feel I am boring my readers on my personal page by talking too much about my craft. I love sharing my work, links and issues on facebook and crochet groups but really needed to have just one place to have it all. What I did, where I found the pattern, what issues I had doing it. You know...just general crochet stuff. I hope to be entertaining, creative and informative.

I am not a very experienced crocheter but I do give it my best and try very hard to get my finished projects to come out right, this doesn't always happen but I hardly ever give up. I just learned how to read patterns less than a year ago, soo I don't write patterns (oh I wish I could, maybe someday), sorry to disappoint. Crocheters that do write patterns are crochet gods in my book!!! I would be nowhere without them!!

I hope to be sharing links to patterns, designers and fellow crocheters that you will enjoy as much as I do.

I will be working to get this page into shape. It might take a while so please bare with me. Thanks for visiting Southern Gal's Crochet.

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  1. Hi Heather

    Awesome that you have started your own blog....I can now follow you here. I normally follow your posts on facebook. I am an admirer of your work and am from South Africa so look forward to keeping up. Although the heat here in the summer doesnt inspire me to work with wool, so I quilt and sew instead...but looking forward to the cooler months so I can get stuck in again. I am busy with so many projects that I would love to complete. Good luck with your blog and thank you for sharing :) Sue