Friday, February 24, 2012

Bibs and purses

So I haven't posted anything since the 8th. I bet your wondering why, what happened? Did she forget or stop crocheting. Well I didn't forget, I just haven't been able to crochet for the past two weeks but that didn't keep me from trying a whole lot.

Monday 13th...I had started some baby bibs to give to my mother's church for the nursery (Bernat handicrafter Cotton baby crochet bibs and booties)the next day after finishing the dragon. I had them nearly complete but the pattern called for buttons as the closure at the neck. I went and purchased the buttons but hadn't had the time to put them on, plus I was debating if I should even use buttons, to me that was just a little too risky. I finally agreed with some sound advice that buttons were too difficult (for mothers) to mess with and plus they are a choking hazard for infants. So I undid the last portion of the pattern and proceeded to converted them to ties instead. But before I could get them finished I stabbed my hand while messing with an avocado, that put me out of commission for a about 4 days. I slowly managed to finish the set of 7 bibs... 5 stitches, rest, 3 stitches. I thought I would never get them done.

Over the following weekend I used up the leftovers from the bibs to make a hobo bag a.k.a a purse. I didn't follow any pattern, so I guess I should write it down. I'll get busy on that.

Monday 20th...Still in recovery mode from the stabbing of my hand (but on the mend), I decided to take my dogs for a walk and we got attacked by another dog. This pulled my wrist and once again put me out of commission for another 4 days. BUT like the stubborn bull headed gal that I am, I still tried very hard to crochet.

My mom's church nursery loved the bibs so much they requested some more. So another set of bibs were underway. This set of bibs took me all week to get done! Instead of attaching ties to the ends like I did previously, this time I incorporated them into the pattern. At the end of each neck piece before tying off I added a chain of 30. With that in place I was able to do the around trim of the whole bib working the front of the chain and then through the back of the chain, thus creating a tie.

I am currently working on another purse slightly different from the first one but still using the scraps from the last set of bibs.
Hope to have it finished in the next few days. Till then...I hope yall gave a great day!


  1. Well done Heather......after all your mishaps, you still persevered....look forward to some more of your stuff.....Sue