Thursday, February 2, 2012

Working on a Dragon

What has been going on in my crochet world. Well not a whole lot actually. As most of ya know I have been trying to do this dragon pattern. Needless to say I have come across quite a few problems. Again there is no fault in the pattern itself, it is all me. I admit I am only 6 or so months into being able to read patterns, so problems will arise no matter what cause all writers use some different language. Like some writers (I guess) assume we all know to do a turn chain, so why write it into the pattern....hmmm lets see...cause I need you to!!! LOL!

I have done some guessing along the way with this one but I am totally stumped now. I have sewn on the legs only to see that they are crooked, one foot sitting on its heel and the other pointing out, so I cut them back off (very gently). I tried again, only to see that the legs wont actually stand upright, they spread out and so once again I ripped'em back off. Me and this dragon have tried over and over to cooperate with each other but as of right now, we are not on speaking terms. As you can imagine the attitude I was creating towards this thing really got a little testy! This dragon can fly without wings and legs!! LOL!

I seriously have no clue how to get these legs on and STRAIGHT! Okay something just dawned on me...what if I was to use a crooked upholstery needle and thread instead of yarn and yarn needle. That might help, but it still wont help with getting the legs in place to begin with.

I feel like I have hit a wall with this one and not sure how to proceed.

The sad thing is that the boy next door knows I am doing this dragon for him and every time he lays eyes on me he asks if I'm done yet. I hate to disappoint, so I am wracking my brain to figure it out.


  1. Have you tried to get hold of the designer to help you?

  2. No cause it isn't a problem with the pattern. It's all me! LOL! Basically I need an extra set of hands to hold the body at just the right angle while I get the legs in place. Since I don't have those extra set of hands, I'm going to have to dream up something else.