Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crocheting to give.

After spending time on these Kennel blankets I feel revived and ready for the challenge. This puzzled me at first but now I think I understand why I was feeling like I was in a slump. I got so caught up in trying to do things to create a business, learn new things trying to broaden my horizons to reach a wider audience, in the hopes of being able to contribute funds to pay for my supplies... that I got away from what I love to do...give.

I love doing the scarves for the Special Olympics, something babyish for the Ft Hood baby shower, even the bibs for my moms church and now the kennel blankets for the Animal Clinic. I get excited doing these things and I am also adding to my giving by gathering hat patterns to do for Boxes Of Love.

No, I wont be making any money at it but at least I will be happy doing it and not feeling the blah of trying to create something that might, possibly, hopefully sell. I'm not going to stop completely but I am going to try to refocus my attention to more rewarding things. Anguishing over money has done nothing but bringing me down and hurt my creative passion.

I just wanted to let ya know I think I figured it out and as long as I think I did, I'm going to go with it. Time to get back to the hook, there are fur-babies counting on me!!


  1. I always think that the saying "giving is better than receiving" is so powerful....I feel blessed and more rewarded when I sew a dress or crochet something for a grandchild.....when it's not expected, it's a wonderful that we are approaching our winter, I will be back in full swing with my crocheting.....time to give quilting and sewing a rest and do some warm woolly things :-) Love Sue

  2. I get this. I've started feeling the same way too, honestly I think its hard to sell crochet items for what they are worth... so its gotta be something you do because you love it.

  3. I completely understand where you are coming from. Just today I went to the market for some groceries wearing one of my crochet hats I designed and the clerk commented on how well she liked it. She asked if it was macrame! Crochet may be hard to sell but it's becoming a lost art so it's important for those of us who do crochet to keep it up and pass along the trade to younger generations. Giving is a great way to do this :-)