Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kennel blankets

Since our (me and my dogs taking a walk and getting mauled by another dog) recent attack and our vet saving my little girl's life and the price being so unreasonably low (in my opinion but grateful for it)....

I have been wondering what I can do for the clinic. I thought about making something for each worker and the vet himself (I still might do that) but came to the conclusion that items for them wont help with the expense that I know they must go through. So I thought why not kennel blankets. One of the things my hubby was worried about for the evening "HIS" baby girl was gone, was that she didn't have her blankie.

I called the clinic and asked if they take donations of blankets...The lady responded with a very excited YES.

So I present to you the first of many kennel blankets that I will be making. I am soo excited to be able to do something for them and their future patients considering all they have done for me and mine.

The pattern is just a simple one...With H hook, chain 101, dc 100 for 50 rows. The trim/border is 3 dc's in one st, skip st, sc in next st, skip st. Repeat around. My finished size is 30x24.


  1. That is a really cool idea !! I think I might do a couple for our local SPCA who are always advertising for unwanted goods to sell to raise money for the animals needs..Thanks for posting pattern :-) Sue

  2. That is a wonderful idea! I'm going to call the clinic and see if they would be interested in doing a fundraiser.

  3. I am on the verge of tears...So sorry about your dog...I have a "baby" too..Lulu...I think this is a wonderful idea and a great act of kindness on your part...Animals are a wonderful addition to our lives. They get lonely and scared just like us..When they have something comforting to them it helps..God bless you...Once again, so sorry about your BABY..