Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Shawl and stuff

There really hasn't been a whole lot of crocheting been done around here this week or last. I did managed to get 2 more kennel blankets done and started a shawl. last week I had company two days and got me some pc games. Yes, I have been playing games instead of crocheting! LOL! So far this week I have been in pain from having two teeth extracted and then we had tornadoes and no power. Then there was the whole day yesterday spent with Orange, you can read that here .

I have started a shawl but it has been slow going. I decided to use this free pattern from Red Heart and had to start it over 3 times before I finally got it right.

Gonna go check on Momma kitty and her kittens and then get back to the crocheting.
Have a good hook'en day!


  1. I love this look but wonder how difficult it will be, although I am going to give it a shot

    1. It really isn't too difficult once you get it going. For me it was the first 3 rows that gave me trouble.