Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yellow Rose Fiber Festival

Soo, a few weeks ago my local crochet group presented the opportunity to meet up at The 2nd Annual Yellow Rose Fiber Festival being held in the next town over. I marked it on the calender, set it up for my mom to go with us and was super duper excited.

One week before, there started to be some confusion as to who is actually going and when. I was one of them, my truck was broke down for a couple of days and it was a mystery if it would be ready in time. Thankfully it got fixed.

Well it turned out that one went the day before, one decided not to go, one suddenly couldn't make it. That left just me and mom yesterday but that's okay cause we still had some good fun.

First you are greeted by two friendly Alpacas, who have lost their fur for the cause. LOL!

The festival had over 40 vendors selling some of the most exquisite yarns I have ever seen or felt. Alpaca wool and silk, wool and bamboo, cashmere and buffalo, so on and so on. Pretty much any combo you can think of, just amazingly soft yarns!

Alot of the vendors were selling unspun fibers, which I found to be very interesting. I had never seen what yarn looked like before being in a skein. Watching and listening about the process was very cool. A couple of vendors were combing raw fur on this large wheel that reminds me of a dogs brush. Out comes this large fluffy strand that they coil up in a basket.

Unfortunately there wasn't anyone doing the dyeing process, I would've loved to have seen that. I have always been curious how they get skeins to be multicolored.

The ladies spinning was awesome! Such patience and skill, I was in awe!

There was weavers too. Let me just say...there is no way my back would let me do that! Although it is tempting...

Some of the finished products like scarves and shawls were soo delicate and drool worthy, I couldn't resist staring, touching and naturally drooling.

There was soo many yarns that grabbed my fancy but I just couldn't take the risk to my wallet. I did manage to find some that was just above my price range and I finally broke down and got some. Decent sized , pretty, soft and not as pricey.

All in all mom and I had a great time!


  1. I would have loved to have gone to something so interesting and I would probably have come home with my arms full of that beautiful wool....dont you just love those gorgeous alpaco's?

    1. I think if I am to go again next year, I'm gonna have to start saving now! Those finer yarns are past my budget!