Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sharing what's in my favorite's list...

Soo, I was sitting here saving patterns, favorite'ing links and browsing through countless others when it dawned on me to share my favorites with you. I have been just sharing what I have actually done but totally forgot that yall might like some of the things I want to do but probably wont get around to doing for quite some time, if ever.

First I must give credit to my crocheting friends who post links on facebook or in crochet groups, they are a constant source of inspiration. I don't really go around browsing myself very often cause..well let's face it...the well is overflowing with a gillion patterns! Who has the time? LOL!

So here are a few FREE patterns that made it into my list this evening. The list of...maybe someday, definitely want to, when I have the time.

Crochet Lacy Duster

Buttercup Bear

And these from last week:

Granny Square Pucker Purse

Giant Panda

Hope get inspired, add to your list (yes, I AM an enabler!!) or these links lead to something you really like.

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  1. awesome...thanks for the panda and the bear