Monday, June 4, 2012

Jungle series and a cow

Soo what have I been up to lately...
I just realized it had been awhile since my last post here. I really don't mean to be so forgetful but sometimes I just can't help it! LOL! I go grab a skein and stand there wondering what it was I was going to do with it, if you only knew how frequent that really'd be shaking your head and worry just how long my brain is going to hold up.

Soo let's see, the last thing I posted about was the red purse... (flipping through my Facebook page to recall what I have posted) ahhh... so I did this cute little cow, it wasn't too difficult (I say that now, at the time that's another story). I followed the directions precisely on this one, I didn't want to take the chance of messing it up. Unfortunately this was not a free pattern but can be purchased here. My brother laid claims on this as soon as I posted it on facebook! LOL!

I then started doing a jungle series, I really had soo much fun doing these.

The lion, monkey and elephant patterns can be purchased at Fiber Doodles. I followed the patterns exactly for the monkey and lion but I modified the elephant pattern to make it larger and gave it a different nose. The giraffe pattern was purchased here. The only thing I did different on the giraffe was to sew in nostrils instead of using little heart buttons. The hippo was my own design.

All these little guys took up the first 2 weeks of the month of may, but it was good way to pass the time while waiting for the birth of my niece.

Hope you have fun going to the links and browsing through what these shops have to offer..I tend to get lost in them, too many temptations!

Next up..sweaters!

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