Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My first sweater & second...

My first sweater.

Ladies and maybe some gents, let me tell ya I was very scared to try this. I had been wanting to try to make a sweater for some time but was fearful I wouldn't be able to do it. I searched and searched for a simple pattern. When I come across this free pattern, I knew who I was going to make it for right away. Everything was going just fine and the pattern was easy to catch on to. It was when I got having to sew the sleeves on, when I had a dickens of a time with it. I put one on and ripped it out and this process went on over and over again for the whole day till I finally got it on there as nicely as I could without chunken it in the trash! LOL!

My beautiful step daughter in the sweater I made for her. Unfortunately even after all that work...it was a little too snug across the back. I probably should have went up a hook size.

I had a wedding to go to and wanted to make a light sweater to wear over a sleeveless top. Mostly cause I am self conscious about my flabby arms. With the help of my wonderful crochet friends on Facebook I was lead to this free pattern. As soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! So easy to make as long as you can remember the pattern. I had to keep looking at the print out to figure out what the next row was. The pattern is made up of 5 different rows, so I had a little difficulty keeping track of where I was but not too much. I did go up in hook sizes to an H and J but probably wouldn't have hurt to have gone up even one more size. I don't feel like I am crocheting tight at the time but soo many of my projects prove I am. Either that or their sizes are off! LOL! Just kidding designers!

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