Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crochet in my Day...

Just thought I would drop by and let yall know I haven't drowned in my yarn just yet. I have been busy crocheting but life just seems to get in the way at times. Like today..I had very vivid plans in my head as to how to day was going to go. I was going to sit my big butt in my chair and work on the dragon I (don't know what I was thinking) started 2 days ago. AND only get up for potty breaks!

Hahaha, says the universe!

After about an hour of "me and my crochet" time. The day toke a twisted turn and totally got of track.

You need to feed the hubby, pancakes coming up.
You need to go to the grocery store (whine), fine I'll do it!
Don't forget that laundry hubby put in the bathroom.
Hubby wants your help to get the yard done.


I really want to get some work done on my crocheting!


The trash needs to be taken to the dumpster.
Some lunch would be good.
Don't forget the hubby needs you to put time on his phone.
You forgot to put the laundry in the dryer and start another load.

Getting really sleepy, must take a nap! AND I did even though hubby was saying "No nap"!

Hmm, wondering if I will ever get to crochet today at all.

Balance the check book.
Finish putting away the dry goods from your shopping trip.

Finally got a chance to sit down and crochet for another hour.

What's for supper the hubby wonders, geez boy, you just ate! But thanks for reminding me, I planned a supper that was going to take awhile, so I guess I'd better get that going.
There ya go forgetting the laundry again!
Ugh, look at all these dishes! Where's that invisible maid when you need her?

Everybody's fed and happy.

Time to myself. Do you think I sat down and crocheted? LOL!! Not! Here I am right here looking at patterns and waving at ya!


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