Thursday, October 25, 2012

Great things!

Where to begin telling yall of the great things happening for my little business...

 First great thing was releasing four patterns on my Etsy page... Monty Moose, Gippy Giraffe, Bonnie Bear and Log Dog. As soon as I can get time to do some editing, I will be releasing number five... Harold Hippo. All of this has had me very busy but also very excited.

I had also been preparing for our venture as a vendor at the flea market. Something totally new for me and my mom. We went, greeted, smiled, (smiled so much my cheeks hurt that evening) talked to, listened to comments and suggestions. We did make a few sales but were slightly disappointed. From what we heard from other vendors, they were having just about the same bad luck that day.  We learned a great deal and got a pretty good workout.

That evening the hubs suggested for me to do the small flea market closer to home. So we did. A fairly steady flow of traffic and again lots of compliments, comments, suggestions and a few sales. But hey, I was still pleased with the exposure and socialization (I don't get out much). We plan to do it again this weekend.

Soo, patterns and flea markets... great things happening!

But wait! There's more!

Mom calls me up Tuesday with a sale for the Gippy Giraffe she took with her, ($ money in my pocket, woohoo!)  AND an order for two more! $$ Yes, dollar signs make me very happy especially since the hubs is still struggling to find a job. I get busy right away!

Today my sisters and dad come to get me. Dad brings me money (brightens my day) and I send them away with the two giraffes.

I am already feeling pretty good about all that has been happening for my little business...

BUT today's phone call took me over the moon!

When mom took the giraffe, she also took a monkey that she had already made a sale for. The lady who bought it called me. She had taken my monkey to a baby store and the owners loved it and wanted me to call them about putting some of my animals in their shop!

Yes folks, this old gal did a jig! (scared the hubs a little, it wasn't pretty) LOL!  

Of course the first person I call is my mom. I had to calm myself before calling the baby store, didn't want the shrill of excitement in my voice to scare them! LOL! I finally called and waiting on a list for what they want. I will definitely keep yall updated on how that goes.

Great things...the smile on my face is starting to hurt but I don't care...smiling away!


  1. That is really fantastic news happy for you....your passion for your craft beams across to me and obviously lots of other folk too.

    I am nearly ready to place my order for a pattern.....I know it's not much, but I am sure every little thing you sell makes you happy, cos there are people like me who want to challenge myself to making it.

    I wish you all the very best with your new business and really hope hubby finds work fast :) Lotsa luv Sue from South Africa x

  2. Damn but that is great! Good for you, I couldn't be happier for you.