Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monty Moose

Two weeks ago I was browsing through my "Not Mine" folder on my computer. It's all the stuff I run across and save the pic with the hopes to one day to try my hand at it. So I ran across a pic of a moose and thought...I'm gonna make that.  I got to work on it right away! I actually was smart enough to write down what I was doing, most of the time I just do and have to go back and try to remember what I did.

After getting rave reviews from the fabulous Facebook crocheters and several requesting the pattern, I got to work on... downloading the pdf format, organizing the pattern to make it appealing and readable, converting it to a pdf. 

I had a drawing for testers and crossed my fingers and held my breathe as I sent them out. I sat around checking my emails and Facebook practically every hour waiting to hear how things were going. One minor issue did get found and was promptly taken care of.

At last I have my very own pattern!

I am still extremely excited, it has been up for sale for a week already!

Click HERE to purchase.

I hope everyone enjoys my pattern as much as I do, I had fun in the whole process of getting it made up and ready for sale.


  1. Hi Heather

    Wow only just seen this post glad you are selling your patterns on Etsy....I am just waiting for a deposit to come through for an item sold through Paypal and then I am going to purchase your "Monty Moose" pattern :) I want to challenge myself and I have a special friend who is pregnant so hopefully I will be able to finish it....He is adorable, you are very talented......lotsa luv Sue x

  2. I would think that Monty will prove to be a big seller!