Crocheted Alligator - Part 1

I bought the pattern here: Skymagenta's Etsy shop

I started this alligator last Sunday evening and still don't have it finished. I didn't get to work on it Monday or Wednesday but I am still surprised it is taking me this long. I figured it would take me at least 3-4 days but I really did think I was over estimating myself as I usually do.

I did run across a snag doing this pattern (no fault of the pattern), I kinda knew what a picot was but had never done it before. This halted me for a few hours, I finally consulted with my bf, this took a few more hours (yeah, yeah, we didn't just talk alligator). Her books said it was a sc, ch 3, sc all in the same stitch. Needless to say I was getting frustrated that my teeth weren't come out as nice as the picture. (Hubby says he (alligator) is going to need some dentures cause he looks like his teeth have been worn down by age.) But I went ahead and left his teeth just the way I made them, duller and less than he is suppose to have. There are supposed to be 16 teeth per jaw, mine only has 13! LOL! Geriatric Alligator!!

I also cheated slightly. The legs are supposed to go on in a circular fashion...welllll...I tried! LOL! And tried, but for the life of me I couldn't get those suckers to go on straight. My patience ran out and I sewed them up and then put them on. I know, I should have tried harder but really?! I don't think anyone is really going to care but me. (oh and the hubs now thinks he is a crochet critic or an alligator scientist!!) I was informed by the hubs that his tail should be longer, the feet are too far back and the scales go too far up the back. WHAT?? LOL! Let me see him do it! Haha.

Soo now the claws and scales also require the picot stitch..sigh. I knew I had gone wrong on the teeth so I decided to do a search. I don't recall where I went but I read that a picot was ch 3, and sl st it to the side of the st your working from. So this is what I did and yes it came out close to what I see in the pic but still not quite.

I now have this alligator nearly all put together just a little more sewing to do (should be finished by tomorrow evening) but still I'm not satisfied with my picot. I did find "How to Crochet a Picot Stitch - For Dummies" at (I tried to link it for you but for some reason it won't let me) I'm going to need to practice the Picot stitch alot more to get it right for future projects. ALOT more!! LOL!


  1. Hey Heather

    If I hadn't linked to your post, I would never have noticed. I think he is cute and adorable and I love him to bits, Although my hubby also said his tail should be longer. Maybe they know something we dont!! ;-)


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