Yes! I finally finished the dragon I was working on. Sad to say I cheated a little. I was having such difficulty putting the legs in place and on straight. It was a total new experience for me, I'm sure a more experienced crocheter wouldn't have had my troubles. I thought if I could just get those legs pinned in place all would be just fine and I could finish sewing them on. Well like I said maybe for someone else! I finally got all different types of glue, the first 3 types of glue didn't work...So I finally broke out the bad boy hot glue gun! I so was nervous that I was going to end up ruining all my hard work.

Let me tell ya....when that first leg stayed in place...I did a jig!! I was smiling from ear to ear and punching the air! My heart was racing from my victorious win of this dragon! LOL! I'm sure if there had been a camera on me it would have had people laughing all over the world! White haired chunky woman wins battle with a dragon! Oh yeah the felling was sublime.

AND then there was the wonderful look on the little boys face when he came to get it...AWESOME!

This pattern can be purchased dragon">Here.


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