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Triangle Shawl

Ahh, at last!

I finally have a finished shawl just in time winter! LOL!
I have always wanted one since I was a child, you know the kid that was glue to Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons or just any western show or movie. I loved the shawls that the women wore back then. Mine isn't nearly as long or loosely stitched as Ma Ingalls's was but I love it!

The stitch pattern I used is from this free pattern.

I did 87 rows, starting with one stitch in first row and increasing by one in each row, ending in 87 stitches in the 87th row. Trimmed the "V" in the same stitch.
I used a G hook and Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Soft Worsted (anti-pilling) yarn in Beach color. It took just a tad over 8 (3.5oz) skeins.

I just want to thank the good friends I have at my local craft store "Pyrons" for being so wonderful to order the last few skeins I needed and giving me a call to let me know it had arrived. I don't know of any other store that would do …

A Shawl and stuff

There really hasn't been a whole lot of crocheting been done around here this week or last. I did managed to get 2 more kennel blankets done and started a shawl. last week I had company two days and got me some pc games. Yes, I have been playing games instead of crocheting! LOL! So far this week I have been in pain from having two teeth extracted and then we had tornadoes and no power. Then there was the whole day yesterday spent with Orange, you can read that here .

I have started a shawl but it has been slow going. I decided to use this free pattern from Red Heart and had to start it over 3 times before I finally got it right.

Gonna go check on Momma kitty and her kittens and then get back to the crocheting.
Have a good hook'en day!

Getting it done!

I managed to get three kennel blankets done this week. I hand delivered them this morning and the girl behind the counter was very happy to receive them. She commented on how pretty they were and said I should be charging for them. As if I would ever charge them a dime! I left feeling very happy.

I picked up the blanket I had started but put on hold to do those kennel blankets. I finally finished it this morning. It's for my new niece due in may.

I was feeling so accomplished for getting things done, I got out the bag I couldn't get the straps made for and spent the rest of the day finishing it up.

I think before hitting the hay, I will get another washcloth done for the kitchen set I started but naturally didn't finish..YET.

Crocheting to give.

After spending time on these Kennel blankets I feel revived and ready for the challenge. This puzzled me at first but now I think I understand why I was feeling like I was in a slump. I got so caught up in trying to do things to create a business, learn new things trying to broaden my horizons to reach a wider audience, in the hopes of being able to contribute funds to pay for my supplies... that I got away from what I love to do...give.

I love doing the scarves for the Special Olympics, something babyish for the Ft Hood baby shower, even the bibs for my moms church and now the kennel blankets for the Animal Clinic. I get excited doing these things and I am also adding to my giving by gathering hat patterns to do for Boxes Of Love.

No, I wont be making any money at it but at least I will be happy doing it and not feeling the blah of trying to create something that might, possibly, hopefully sell. I'm not going to stop completely but I am going to try to refocus my attention to more…

Kennel blankets

Since our (me and my dogs taking a walk and getting mauled by another dog) recent attack and our vet saving my little girl's life and the price being so unreasonably low (in my opinion but grateful for it)....

I have been wondering what I can do for the clinic. I thought about making something for each worker and the vet himself (I still might do that) but came to the conclusion that items for them wont help with the expense that I know they must go through. So I thought why not kennel blankets. One of the things my hubby was worried about for the evening "HIS" baby girl was gone, was that she didn't have her blankie.

I called the clinic and asked if they take donations of blankets...The lady responded with a very excited YES.

So I present to you the first of many kennel blankets that I will be making. I am soo excited to be able to do something for them and their future patients considering all they have done for me and mine.

The pattern is just a simple one...With H h…