Getting it done!

I managed to get three kennel blankets done this week. I hand delivered them this morning and the girl behind the counter was very happy to receive them. She commented on how pretty they were and said I should be charging for them. As if I would ever charge them a dime! I left feeling very happy.

I picked up the blanket I had started but put on hold to do those kennel blankets. I finally finished it this morning. It's for my new niece due in may.

I was feeling so accomplished for getting things done, I got out the bag I couldn't get the straps made for and spent the rest of the day finishing it up.

I think before hitting the hay, I will get another washcloth done for the kitchen set I started but naturally didn't finish..YET.


  1. You do beautiful work.

  2. I love your work really do inspire me and today I got my wool stash out of it's hibernation and am getting ready to start again. The weather here is really getting colder and although it doesn't get as cold as your winters, it can get pretty cold in ours. Also gives me an excuse to snoop around the wool/yarn shops and buy some fresh stock for fresh ideas. Love the crocheted bag featured bright happy colours...Sue


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