Triangle Shawl

Ahh, at last!

I finally have a finished shawl just in time winter! LOL!
I have always wanted one since I was a child, you know the kid that was glue to Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons or just any western show or movie. I loved the shawls that the women wore back then. Mine isn't nearly as long or loosely stitched as Ma Ingalls's was but I love it!

The stitch pattern I used is from this free pattern.

I did 87 rows, starting with one stitch in first row and increasing by one in each row, ending in 87 stitches in the 87th row. Trimmed the "V" in the same stitch.
I used a G hook and Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Soft Worsted (anti-pilling) yarn in Beach color. It took just a tad over 8 (3.5oz) skeins.

I just want to thank the good friends I have at my local craft store "Pyrons" for being so wonderful to order the last few skeins I needed and giving me a call to let me know it had arrived. I don't know of any other store that would do that, which is what makes yall stand out from the crowd. I love Pyrons!!


  1. You are too clever. It is really lovely.

  2. Its Beautiful... I would love to make myself one when I have time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your shawl is so beautiful! Isn't is so nice when all of your work produces something you love?

    Thank you for stopping by :-)


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