Working through the sickness

So what have I been up to lately? Well since I have been sick all week, I have had plenty of opportunity to get lots of crocheting done.

 I finished up the bag for my friend, who I advised not to come get cause I was super sick and pretty sure contagious (hubby got it).

I started this sweater for someone special (secret) but ran out of that color yarn and the store didn't have any either. Currently waiting for that shipment to come in. I am truly bummed about this, I soo wanted to get that finished and to the person, can't wait to see how it looks on her!

I picked up my ripple blanket that I started awhile back but being sick, I was too hot to have a big blanket on me. So once again it got set aside. I'm beginning to wonder if I will get to finish it this year or not. I find the ripple to be very slow going for me, not sure why.

I decided something small and quick would be the best way to go. So I made this purse. The pattern is actually a purchased pattern but I modified it to have this type of handle instead of straps.

The two balls of lovely expensive yarn that I got at the fiber fest sat on my counter taunting me, teasing me... I stared at it, felt it and stared at it some more. Just waiting for it to scream at me what it wanted to be. The final decision was a scarf that was wide and long enough to double as a wrap. The yarn is so soft and supple but also has the feel of being thick but not the appearance. If I could afford it, I would definitely get more of it.  All I can tell ya is it is labeled as James C. Brett Marble Chunky machine washable 200g 100% acrylic. I have no idea where to get more other than a small shop in Seguin, Tx called "Your so Crafty". It reminds me alot of homespun but way softer.
And since I had some left over, I made a hat to go with it!

The scarf  pattern is:
ch 4
1dc in first ch, ch 3 turn (2)
dc in same space as ch, 2 dc in last st (4)
dc in same space as ch, 2 dc, 2 dc in last st (6)
dc in same space as ch, 4 dc, 2 dc in last st (8)
continue this pattern to 42 sts
dc 42 across
repeat for a total of 62 rows
ch 3, dec, dc 38, dec (40)
ch 3, dec, dc 36, dec (38)
ch 3, dec, dc 34, dec (36)
repeat pattern down to 2 st. FO
add tassel if you want.

Hat pattern:
round 1.. magic circle, 10 hdc
2)  inc (2 hdc in each st) (20)
3) 1 hdc, inc(30)
4) 2 hdc, inc(40)
5) 3 hdc, inc(50)
6) 4 hdc, inc(60)
7) 5 hdc, inc(70)
8) 6 hdc, inc(80)
9-12) 80 hdc,
13) 5 hdc, dec(70)
14) 70 hdc
15) 4 hdc, dec(60)
16) 60 hdc
17) 3 hdc, dec(50)
18) 50 hdc
19) 2 hdc, dec(40)
20-24) 40 hdc

Hope yall enjoy!

Now back to the little cow I am making...


  1. I love the bag and the colour is gorgeous.


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