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Great things!

Where to begin telling yall of the great things happening for my little business...

 First great thing was releasing four patterns on my Etsy page... Monty Moose, Gippy Giraffe, Bonnie Bear and Log Dog. As soon as I can get time to do some editing, I will be releasing number five... Harold Hippo. All of this has had me very busy but also very excited.

I had also been preparing for our venture as a vendor at the flea market. Something totally new for me and my mom. We went, greeted, smiled, (smiled so much my cheeks hurt that evening) talked to, listened to comments and suggestions. We did make a few sales but were slightly disappointed. From what we heard from other vendors, they were having just about the same bad luck that day.  We learned a great deal and got a pretty good workout.

That evening the hubs suggested for me to do the small flea market closer to home. So we did. A fairly steady flow of traffic and again lots of compliments, comments, suggestions and a few sales. But hey…

Sharing from my Favorites List

Since I am so completely bored today and am not going to pick up my hook till later this evening (so I will have something to do while watching tv), I thought today would be a good day to share with you some links on my favorites list. Lets start from the beginning of the unsorted favorites, that list is long so we I will only do a few.

I love this simple little baby blanket. She doesn't post a pattern but it looks easy enough. Just crochet the length you want, on your 2nd row do *sc for 16 sts, fp sts in every other st (8 times)* repeat to end and desired height of color.  Change colors and repeat the pattern in reverse.

Such a simple pattern and yet it looks so elegant. It can easily be made bigger for a throw for the chilly nights ahead.

Wouldn't you know it! Number 2 on the list is no longer available, hate it when that happens! Since the pattern isn't available the page opened up to Craftsy all patterns, naturally I found something to catch my eyes! LOL!

The perfect C…

Monty Moose

Two weeks ago I was browsing through my "Not Mine" folder on my computer. It's all the stuff I run across and save the pic with the hopes to one day to try my hand at it. So I ran across a pic of a moose and thought...I'm gonna make that.  I got to work on it right away! I actually was smart enough to write down what I was doing, most of the time I just do and have to go back and try to remember what I did.

After getting rave reviews from the fabulous Facebook crocheters and several requesting the pattern, I got to work on... downloading the pdf format, organizing the pattern to make it appealing and readable, converting it to a pdf. 

I had a drawing for testers and crossed my fingers and held my breathe as I sent them out. I sat around checking my emails and Facebook practically every hour waiting to hear how things were going. One minor issue did get found and was promptly taken care of.

At last I have my very own pattern!

I am still extremely excited, it has bee…