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Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I have been super busy lately filling orders and getting some Christmas presents done. Where I left off... News of a local boutique wanting some of my items in their shop. One owner was all for it, the other owner not at all. So, it was a no go. I was pretty bummed but that's okay, I got over it. We did do the flea market for another two weekends but didn't really make much to make it worth spending booth costs, food costs (from being away from home), gas cost and making my kiddos (dogs) suffer at home with no one to let them outside to do their business. Needless to say the profit margin was too low to continue. In case you didn't know already...Hubby did find a job about 3 weeks ago and we finally got our first little tiny paycheck. Thanksgiving was a bad week to start back to work, slow work and only 3 days. We are hoping things pick back up after the holidays. BUT thankfully with the little income that I have been bring in with my crochet we are able to get by better than we would have. (do I harp on this? I am just so excited for what I have been able to do to help) I appreciate my customers more than I can express. I did run into a small problem over my Monty Moose pattern and I was infuriated for some time. I was messaged by a publisher that my moose was identical to someone else's moose and I was to cease all sales and distribution of the pattern. I was mad, heartbroken and discouraged. I know mine is different but as I was informed it is not obvious to the average browser. So, I have to make an obvious change in the appearance. I was soo upset that week, I hardly got any crocheting done. I hear all the time that folks crochet to relieve stress, I have no idea how they do it! I get stressed and try to crochet and I make mistake after mistake till I am soo frustrated I want to throw my work across the room! LOL! That's all for now folks, be back later.


  1. Carry on and dont give up (not that I see that in your nature.
    Our little business in Australia (although I am not contributing at the moment) is doing very well. Shelley has picked up some amazing orders for her hair accessories. She has had 32 sales since launching.

    I managed to crochet a little beanie this weekend for a friend in the UK who has just had a baby....put a pompom on the top.....looks very sweet....but I am having that all too familiar feeling of burn-out. I think it is from too much sewing....so after the 6 outfits that I am doing presently, I am going to take a Christmas break and start again in the new year:) Take care...lotsa luv Sue


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