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Crocheted Baby Toys

I started out just wanting to make something for the new grand babies we are having this year and a friends first grand baby. The idea was a ball, block and rattle... well that got changed slightly. There are truly some gorgeous and intricate patterns all over the web and it really made it difficult to find what matched my time and abilities.

So here is what I chose:
"The Yarn Box" posted this cute but simple ball pattern and I just knew it was going to be perfect for what I was wanting. Well the original pattern calls for a E hook and sport weight yarn, not owning any sport weight yarn I opted to go with a F hook and Red Heart Soft Baby Steps. This resulted in my ball being 2x bigger than the intended size of 5" in circumference, now making the ball more appropriate for a toddler than a newborn. I say that is okay! Babies jump into toddler-hood  rather quickly anyway.

The block as just off the top of my head. You can use different colors for each square or all the sa…