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Not Enough Lines

When writing patterns in the office I generally type them into the computer as I work, but when working in the living room I tend to write them into my notebook (a real one, with paper in it). I have the Bubbles Dragon pattern on my computer and started working on making one a couple of days ago. I finally got to the head portion, the portion I knew there was a problem with just couldn't remember what it was or where it was.

Moving right along and suddenly I realized there wasn't enough lines written! I had just barely gotten past the nose and there wasn't anymore written down! OMG! What in the world?!

I couldn't figure out if I had just forgotten to write them down or because I knew there was a problem I erased it. I was freaking out that I was going to have to try remember what I did on the first one. My memory is not that trust worthy!

I panicked, I admit it! LOL! I called mom to talk me down from my cliff and wouldn't ya know it, it worked. I got to thinking th…

Bubbles and Princess Nagger

For the few years that I did blog on a nearly daily bases, I met some really awesome blog buddies and yesterday was a big reminder of that. My blogging buddy Stacy from Stacy Uncorked did a wonderful blog post on my Bubbles Dragon and her Princess Nagger. Go check it out, the pics of her little girl are soo worth it!

It also reminded me of just why sometimes I push myself to be creative instead of just using someone else creativity to create things. It is very hard sometimes and yes I would just rather follow someone elses pattern than to labor over creating a pattern, but the reward is sometimes soo worth it. The smile on her little girls face is all that is needed to make me smile and continue on. 

And for those who are curious as to why the pattern for Bubbles is not up for sale yet... I found a mistake in the pattern for the face and head and am going to have to wait till I get some free time to work on it. Which will come real soon considering I have two to get done before the 2…