Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today's Treasures

Just wanted to share some of the treasures that have liked that came up on my news feed in Facebook.

This beauty caught my eye while scrolling through Facebook today... I love the color scheme!

A link to the pattern can be found here: Starting Chain

Another beauty posted by someone in a crochet group. Simply a gorgeous bag with lacy stitching!

Cute, cute, cute! I love these little guys!

FREE Pattern can be found here: Petite Purls

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crocheted Baby Toys

I started out just wanting to make something for the new grand babies we are having this year and a friends first grand baby. The idea was a ball, block and rattle... well that got changed slightly. There are truly some gorgeous and intricate patterns all over the web and it really made it difficult to find what matched my time and abilities.

So here is what I chose:
"The Yarn Box" posted this cute but simple ball pattern and I just knew it was going to be perfect for what I was wanting. Well the original pattern calls for a E hook and sport weight yarn, not owning any sport weight yarn I opted to go with a F hook and Red Heart Soft Baby Steps. This resulted in my ball being 2x bigger than the intended size of 5" in circumference, now making the ball more appropriate for a toddler than a newborn. I say that is okay! Babies jump into toddler-hood  rather quickly anyway.

The block as just off the top of my head. You can use different colors for each square or all the same, whatever you prefer.

Here is the pattern: Also done with a F hook and Red Heart Soft Baby Steps yarn.
(make 6)
ch 21
sc 20 sts across for 20 rows
sc the square seams together

Simple right?! I like simple!

The rattle was a hard decision...way too many really great ones to choose from. So in the end I opted not to do a rattle cause me liking simple as much as I do, this Loop Baby toy was the winner.
Again I stayed with the F hook even though the pattern called for an E. I wanted the toys to be consistent in size. I also did NOT include the optional bell for noise. I think parents will appreciate the no noise factor! LOL!

For my version of the Loop Baby toy:

3 small rings in different colors
ch 8
sc 8 in the round to desired length
sew ends together

Large ring
ch 14
sc 14 in the round till desired length (changing colors if desired)
slip the 3 smaller rings onto large ring before sewing ends together.

As an extra bonus I decided to throw in a lovey to the set. I chose to do Rachel Choi's cute Teddy Bear Security Blanket . Yes Rachel, I am sorry but I did do some things different. I added a little bit of a body and granny squared the blanket.

To add a body: working in the round
1) sc 6 sts in a magic circle
2) inc in each st (12 sts)
3) *sc, inc* around (18 sts)
4) BLO sc around (18 sts)
5) *sc 2, inc* around (24 sts)
6) sc around (24 sts)
7) BLO *sc 2, dec* around (18 sts)
8) *sc, dec* around (12 sts)
9) dec around (6 sts) weave closed

Using front loops of round 4, sew to head.
Using front loops of round 7, attach yarn in center of back  for beginning of blanket.
Attached arms inbetween rounds 5 and 6.

As always love to hear y'alls comments!
I hope you enjoy crocheting these items and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not Enough Lines

When writing patterns in the office I generally type them into the computer as I work, but when working in the living room I tend to write them into my notebook (a real one, with paper in it). I have the Bubbles Dragon pattern on my computer and started working on making one a couple of days ago. I finally got to the head portion, the portion I knew there was a problem with just couldn't remember what it was or where it was.

Moving right along and suddenly I realized there wasn't enough lines written! I had just barely gotten past the nose and there wasn't anymore written down! OMG! What in the world?!

I couldn't figure out if I had just forgotten to write them down or because I knew there was a problem I erased it. I was freaking out that I was going to have to try remember what I did on the first one. My memory is not that trust worthy!

I panicked, I admit it! LOL! I called mom to talk me down from my cliff and wouldn't ya know it, it worked. I got to thinking that maybe just maybe I wrote it in my notebook. Thumbing through the pages and came across one page that had no title on it but thankfully I recognized the sequence and knew it was what I was looking for.

SIGH of relief! 

I really need to be a bit more organized to avoid mishaps like this...just don't know where to begin.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bubbles and Princess Nagger

For the few years that I did blog on a nearly daily bases, I met some really awesome blog buddies and yesterday was a big reminder of that. My blogging buddy Stacy from Stacy Uncorked did a wonderful blog post on my Bubbles Dragon and her Princess Nagger. Go check it out, the pics of her little girl are soo worth it!

It also reminded me of just why sometimes I push myself to be creative instead of just using someone else creativity to create things. It is very hard sometimes and yes I would just rather follow someone elses pattern than to labor over creating a pattern, but the reward is sometimes soo worth it. The smile on her little girls face is all that is needed to make me smile and continue on. 

And for those who are curious as to why the pattern for Bubbles is not up for sale yet... I found a mistake in the pattern for the face and head and am going to have to wait till I get some free time to work on it. Which will come real soon considering I have two to get done before the 26th of February. Yes, I know...I better get busy!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A little update...

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I have been super busy lately filling orders and getting some Christmas presents done. Where I left off... News of a local boutique wanting some of my items in their shop. One owner was all for it, the other owner not at all. So, it was a no go. I was pretty bummed but that's okay, I got over it. We did do the flea market for another two weekends but didn't really make much to make it worth spending booth costs, food costs (from being away from home), gas cost and making my kiddos (dogs) suffer at home with no one to let them outside to do their business. Needless to say the profit margin was too low to continue. In case you didn't know already...Hubby did find a job about 3 weeks ago and we finally got our first little tiny paycheck. Thanksgiving was a bad week to start back to work, slow work and only 3 days. We are hoping things pick back up after the holidays. BUT thankfully with the little income that I have been bring in with my crochet we are able to get by better than we would have. (do I harp on this? I am just so excited for what I have been able to do to help) I appreciate my customers more than I can express. I did run into a small problem over my Monty Moose pattern and I was infuriated for some time. I was messaged by a publisher that my moose was identical to someone else's moose and I was to cease all sales and distribution of the pattern. I was mad, heartbroken and discouraged. I know mine is different but as I was informed it is not obvious to the average browser. So, I have to make an obvious change in the appearance. I was soo upset that week, I hardly got any crocheting done. I hear all the time that folks crochet to relieve stress, I have no idea how they do it! I get stressed and try to crochet and I make mistake after mistake till I am soo frustrated I want to throw my work across the room! LOL! That's all for now folks, be back later.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Great things!

Where to begin telling yall of the great things happening for my little business...

 First great thing was releasing four patterns on my Etsy page... Monty Moose, Gippy Giraffe, Bonnie Bear and Log Dog. As soon as I can get time to do some editing, I will be releasing number five... Harold Hippo. All of this has had me very busy but also very excited.

I had also been preparing for our venture as a vendor at the flea market. Something totally new for me and my mom. We went, greeted, smiled, (smiled so much my cheeks hurt that evening) talked to, listened to comments and suggestions. We did make a few sales but were slightly disappointed. From what we heard from other vendors, they were having just about the same bad luck that day.  We learned a great deal and got a pretty good workout.

That evening the hubs suggested for me to do the small flea market closer to home. So we did. A fairly steady flow of traffic and again lots of compliments, comments, suggestions and a few sales. But hey, I was still pleased with the exposure and socialization (I don't get out much). We plan to do it again this weekend.

Soo, patterns and flea markets... great things happening!

But wait! There's more!

Mom calls me up Tuesday with a sale for the Gippy Giraffe she took with her, ($ money in my pocket, woohoo!)  AND an order for two more! $$ Yes, dollar signs make me very happy especially since the hubs is still struggling to find a job. I get busy right away!

Today my sisters and dad come to get me. Dad brings me money (brightens my day) and I send them away with the two giraffes.

I am already feeling pretty good about all that has been happening for my little business...

BUT today's phone call took me over the moon!

When mom took the giraffe, she also took a monkey that she had already made a sale for. The lady who bought it called me. She had taken my monkey to a baby store and the owners loved it and wanted me to call them about putting some of my animals in their shop!

Yes folks, this old gal did a jig! (scared the hubs a little, it wasn't pretty) LOL!  

Of course the first person I call is my mom. I had to calm myself before calling the baby store, didn't want the shrill of excitement in my voice to scare them! LOL! I finally called and waiting on a list for what they want. I will definitely keep yall updated on how that goes.

Great things...the smile on my face is starting to hurt but I don't care...smiling away!